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Now & Forever

Private investigator Alexandria Drake goes to haunted Radborne Manor on the trail of a cheating spouse. What she finds is a new client…in the year eighteen hundred and seventeen!

At first, all Alexandria wants is to go home. If she has to solve Radborne’s famous double-murder to do it, so be it. Too bad the man she’s trying to protect thinks she’s a suspect. As if that’s not bad enough, the only person who doesn’t think she’s insane is Christian’s dead brother, Devon…whose ghostly image follows her around Radborne Manor, trying to help her uncover the murderer before he kills Christian.

Christian’s determined to find his brother’s killer and bring him to justice. But his prime suspect is a spirited, green-eyed temptress who he just can’t seem to put out of his mind…or kick out of his bed.

Now & Forever is an ADULT ROMANCE recommended for readers 18+.

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