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The day has come for London’s most infamous rakehell, the Earl of Saxford, to take a bride. Nicholas has no intention of ending his roguish ways—even after he weds the catch of the season, the beautiful, extremely timid Angelica Stafford, daughter to the Duke of Durham.

Brianna Stafford, twin sister to Angelica, is already engaged to a well-liked viscount and will wed him at the end of the season. Though she is far from thrilled at the prospect of married life so soon after graduating from boarding school, she knows she can do worse than her father’s reserved friend.

Brianna’s plans for an enjoyable season are shot to hell when she is asked to masquerade as Angelica and do her best to send Saxford running for the hills. Determined to get rid of Saxford, Brianna dons a disguise and tells the striking womanizer that she will never marry him.

Nicholas is shocked when his surprisingly outspoken and spirited fiancée tells him she has no desire to marry him. Having never been turned down in his life, Nicholas is on a mission to get the one woman who doesn’t want him, to marry him.

Masquerade is an ADULT ROMANCE recommended for readers 18+.

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